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air conditioner

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  1. K

    Question Help! Wiring/Electrical Question For Coleman Mach 15 A/C Unit

    So, I attempted to clean the AC coils on my trailer today and I may have made a boo-boo during the process. Any guidance from the community is appreciated. After removing the main shroud to the A/C unit on the roof, I was able to clean the condenser coils just fine. However, when I went to...
  2. T

    Dash AC works, blows cold but compressor drains battery when not on.

    Just like title says, saw a whisp of smoke once when connecting it back, so I either keep the compressor disconnected or starter battery drains, any chance it's a stuck relay, can I test the relay using a 9 volt battery? Could it be the compressor is going bad? thanks for any help.
  3. T

    Time to replace Coleman AC?

    Hello rig is a 97 by the looks the Coleman Mach AC was not properly maintained, if you look at the picture of the condenser fins they aren't just bent they have mostly broken off and the coils are exposed, On highest setting AC will blow about 5-10 degrees cooler than the blower fan, but...
  4. T

    Thermostat Help!!

    Good Morning All -- I've got a 34' Mallard TT, Duotherm 57915.541 AC, Atwood 8531-IV-DCLP Furnace. Original Tstat was a Duotherm 3105058, obsolete now, replacement is Dometic 3106995 (per Dometic). I can manually jump all the wires together and everything will work (Furnace, hi/lo fan, hi/lo...
  5. Teardrop Camper for Sale

    Teardrop Camper for Sale

    2022 Ukancamp 585G (Cross posted) A/c unit, inverter, fridge, tv, exhaust fan, galley kitchen, awning, led lights and reading lights, large metal toolbox/storage box, removable outside table, spare tire, exterior propane holder, queen mattress, wheel chocks and locks, carry out propane stove...
  6. M

    Can I replace the 1992 fedders A/C with a modern window unit?

    Hey there, I purchased a surprisingly sound 1992 Roadtrek popular 190. Only a few issues I can find. The coach A/C is the original Fedders A/C. Plugged into a wall outlet and running only the A/C, the unit blows but it never gets cold. First off, does this have to be connected to a 30amp...
  7. Genuine RV Repair

    Genuine RV Repair

    Genuine RV is your local RV Repair Shop offering In shop and mobile service by appointment. We take pride in our ability to offer short wait times on appointments in these challenging times. Give us a call ! We are looking forward to being your permanent solution and can’t wait to speak to you...
  8. L

    Class C 1987 Ford Suncrest Air conditioner??????

    Just bought an RV and have no knowledge whatsoever of how it works. It needs an air conditioner. What's a good budget friendly most affordable air conditioner for this type of RV???? Its a 27 footer. Thank you!!
  9. S

    How to Remove Furnace For Good

    We live in a 2007 Terry Travel Trailer with an Atwood Furnace. We have decided to remove our furnace for good and use a different way to heat our travel trailer, however when I unplug a particular wiring harness to start removing the furnace the a/c turns off. How can I remove our furnace...