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  1. J


    We have a 2021 premier keystone camper and the dometic fridge that never has worked well. Even when plugged in a camp ground. We have tried turning it off and on multiple times but nothing. I bought the 5 year warranty to cover everything from camping world but that seems useless as every time I...
  2. M

    Is my burner not connected to LP? Pic provided

    I’m trying to troubleshoot my dometic fridge. Power comes on the control panel but nothing gets cold. Doesn’t cool on 12v or 120v. Multimeter shows correct power at all points on lower board. When I switch it to gas, I can here the igniter clicking but never ignites the gas. According to...
  3. U

    Flat ground for fridge to work.

    Hello! First off, thank you for your time and input. We purchased our RV back in December and the Norcold fridge was working fine. We parked it in our driveway which is on a bit of a slant. The refrigerator stopped working about a month ago. We had a company come out to our house to look at...
  4. R

    What size inverter?

    I recently purchased a 2016 forest river salem 36bhbs. I recently discovered that the fridge will not run off the battery. The fridge will only run when the camper is plugged in. After some research, i discovered that i would need an inverter to allow the batteries power to be switched to...
  5. M

    Melted plastic smell coming from Refer

    Woke up this morning and quickly got a whiff of a burning or melted plastic smell somewhere in the living room/kitchen area. Took us a few minutes to hunt it down, I initially thought it might be the inverter as it seemed to be coming from behind the refrigerator so went down to the basement but...