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  1. 2023 Thor Omni RS36 - Camping World Uxbridge

    2023 Thor Omni RS36 - Camping World Uxbridge

    BRAND NEW! 2023 THOR OMNI RS36 FUEL TYPE: DIESEL LENGTH: 37.75' SLEEPS: 7 SLIDE OUTS: 1 TORQUE: 825 HORSEPOWER: 330 CHASSIS: FORD F-600 Exterior - Costa Mesa Cabinetry - Shell Grey Interior - Vanilla Twilight
  2. C

    Thor sequence vs winnebago 59px

    I first thought the thor sequence would be the way I'd lean between the 2 just because it seemingly had more options plus a 2year warranty. However some of the salespersons I have spoken to have encouraged me to ask around in comparison to the solis. Does anyone have an experience or concerns...
  3. K

    Toad Setup for 2020 Aria 3902

    I went from towing a fifth wheel to buying my first Class A motorcoach. I have no clue what to do regarding a TOAD setup. I have searched different forums, searched online and there are so many options that I am totally overwhelmed. I understand the basics, I need a base plate, towbar, wiring...
  4. R

    Captains Chair

    2016 Thor Vegas 25.2. The drivers captain chair decided to stop reclining today . No amount of wiggling and pulling lever ( lever won’t move) would release it. Anyone have a secret to unlocking it short of tearing it apart I don’t want to break the handle ,thanks in advance. Riverfarm
  5. 2

    Question Thor Outlaw 37GP (37RB, 38MB or 38KB) - Ontario/Quebec Canada

    We are considering buying a 2018 or 2019 Thor Outlaw 37GP. Wondering if there is anyone in Ontario or Quebec who currently owns a Thor Outlaw (models 37GP, 37RB, 38MB or 38KB) who would be willing to allow us to view theirs? And get information on the likes & dislikes you have about yours. We...
  6. Donkey

    Question Thor: No water

    Thor Motor Coach: F450 v10, 2017. Can someone tell me hours to access water pump? With switch on, I can hear it but there doesn’t seem to be any way to get to it. I think it’s located horizontally between the fresh water tank and shower. Refer to photos with red indications where I’m guessing...