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  1. P

    Tip Thor window screen locking devices.

    If you have issues with the small latches on your window screens, Thor has discontinued the original ones and now have newer and supposedly better ones. I just order sets for all of my screens. Hope these hold the screens better.
  2. T

    Ready to buy new Class B...but solar questions

    I am totally committed to buying a new Class B RV, and am leaning toward one of the Thor models with the newest solar technology. The major choices seem to be a 200 vs. 400 vs. 800 Amp-hour. If I cannot find one on a lot (very limited selection in my area), then I am willing to special order...
  3. T

    Electrical problems with my 5th wheel

    Hey guys first post on this site and new 5th wheel owner So last week it rained pretty heavily and a natural spring popped up next to my property, and ended up shorting out my power cord(maybe fried the trailers breaker box I'm still not sure). I realize how stupid it was to let my power cord...
  4. R

    House battery cutoff switch?

    Hello friends, after being out of town for a couple of months this past winter, and not realizing that while the chassis battery is being charged, the house batteries are not being charged while the RV cable is connected to 120A power, I replaced the 2 house batteries but still am not getting...
  5. 2023 Thor Omni RS36 - Camping World Uxbridge

    2023 Thor Omni RS36 - Camping World Uxbridge

    BRAND NEW! 2023 THOR OMNI RS36 FUEL TYPE: DIESEL LENGTH: 37.75' SLEEPS: 7 SLIDE OUTS: 1 TORQUE: 825 HORSEPOWER: 330 CHASSIS: FORD F-600 Exterior - Costa Mesa Cabinetry - Shell Grey Interior - Vanilla Twilight
  6. C

    Thor sequence vs winnebago 59px

    I first thought the thor sequence would be the way I'd lean between the 2 just because it seemingly had more options plus a 2year warranty. However some of the salespersons I have spoken to have encouraged me to ask around in comparison to the solis. Does anyone have an experience or concerns...
  7. K

    Toad Setup for 2020 Aria 3902

    I went from towing a fifth wheel to buying my first Class A motorcoach. I have no clue what to do regarding a TOAD setup. I have searched different forums, searched online and there are so many options that I am totally overwhelmed. I understand the basics, I need a base plate, towbar, wiring...
  8. R

    Captains Chair

    2016 Thor Vegas 25.2. The drivers captain chair decided to stop reclining today . No amount of wiggling and pulling lever ( lever won’t move) would release it. Anyone have a secret to unlocking it short of tearing it apart I don’t want to break the handle ,thanks in advance. Riverfarm
  9. 2

    Question Thor Outlaw 37GP (37RB, 38MB or 38KB) - Ontario/Quebec Canada

    We are considering buying a 2018 or 2019 Thor Outlaw 37GP. Wondering if there is anyone in Ontario or Quebec who currently owns a Thor Outlaw (models 37GP, 37RB, 38MB or 38KB) who would be willing to allow us to view theirs? And get information on the likes & dislikes you have about yours. We...
  10. Donkey

    Question Thor: No water

    Thor Motor Coach: F450 v10, 2017. Can someone tell me hours to access water pump? With switch on, I can hear it but there doesn’t seem to be any way to get to it. I think it’s located horizontally between the fresh water tank and shower. Refer to photos with red indications where I’m guessing...