1989 pace arrow roof type?

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Jun 4, 2021
first post here i just picked up a 89 pace arrow 711 37 foot with water damage a former owner installed semi air horns on the roof and apparently tightened them down to tight pulling the roof down away from the edge cap. i'd like to remove all the old caulk and sealers from the entire perimeter of the roof put a layer of eternabond then coat the entire roof. but i can't say for sure what the roof is ive been searching alot and some places say its rubber others say fiberglass i pulled the inside trim of one of the vents and there are no flaps of rubber coming thru to first say yes it's rubber and then tell what type. i washed a small spot of the roof and to me it looks like fiberglass and has a texture to it. but then again ever place i read says fiberglass will be smooth so can anyone tell me for sure what roof fleetwood would have used in 1989? if it's rubber i know i'm taking the bandaid approach by coating it even thou i can buy a tpo roof kit for half the price of some of the coatings i've looked at but it's a time thing and the hassle of pulling all the vents and ac units off the roof basically by myself although my wife will be the one driving it while i follow with the 5th wheel flatbed we would not be able to carry the ac units down from the roof
Nov 4, 2019
No Where In Particular
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Dutch Star 4369
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43’ 9”
2016 Colorado
I believe it is EPDM rubber roof material with the front and rear caps being fiberglass.
Jun 4, 2021
i've had a few people say that but the owners manual only mentions metal or fiberglass. we spent half the day srcubbing it today and it is hard as a rock with no give at all. it has a textured finish to the point we were having to use a fairly hard bristled brush to get all the dirt off it. the it started raining so we moved inside and opened a an of worms the drivers side back wall is gone including 1 stud rusted completly off so were gonna attempt to rebuild the wall from the inside other then sliding new wood under the fiberglass from the back cap seam. as far the roof repair we have decided to cover the complete outer edge with the 4 in eterabond then coat the roof with rv magic both say they can be used on rubber or fiberglass so we should be safe all and all the roof will cost around 1000 bucks this way but hopfully will last for years to come. i only paid 1100 for the motorhome with 50k on it so i think its worth putting the money into it as a bonus we get to put the paneling we want in it. does anyone know how thick the wood that is glued to the outer fiberglass is?


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