2015 apex ultra light power issues

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Jul 20, 2021
Sorry if I'm in the wrong location, I'm new the forums.
I have a 2015 apex ultralight, not sure if I have a inverter issue or what.
Before camping I have the camper plugged into 110v to get the fridge cold. Got out the campground and plugged everything in with the usual 30amp cord. The only things that power up are the microwave and outlets. Everything else runs on battery until it dies.
Got thru the weekend and came home, plugged back into 110v and everything worked. 3 days later, only the microwave and plugs again... what am I missing? I currently have a new cord and outlet coming to replace. Just baffled on how it works sometimes, no tripped breakers and no blown fuses.
To fill in on everything I did unhook the carbon monoxide detector cause it started going off one night with no leak, from what I can tell, it is expired and just need replacing. Personally I don't think that would cause my power issues...

Any info is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!