2015 Rockwood Roo toy hauler

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Jul 31, 2020
I’m a little confused about my water pump in my little Camper toy hauler.. I don’t know if I need to just replace the whole water pump (it just seems too small on power) first off, I’m a 65 YO woman who’s kindof “handy” repairing replacing things. We here in Colo. had a early freeze which I KNEW I was too late to winterize. On the very first nice day, I TRIED winterizing it, I think I managed to get 2-1/2 gallons in, it practically does it itself, easy winterizing.. anyway I noticed a crack in the plastic flow thingy (lol) in back of the pump, as well as the plastic container around the water filter. What I need to know is “should I just go ahead and replace the whole pump (since it’s so slow and doesn’t seem to push water very well, or should I just replace the water flow thing. Please look at photos and enlarge. (The little clear thingy to the right of the pump is the cracked one, and the filter one, but that’s easy to replace. Thanks Terri


  • A3D650C4-604E-48F2-AC83-3098A3966AEC.jpeg
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Jul 31, 2020
Now how to know what to go UP to? This pump is a “shurflo ser#150157 mod#4008-101-E65, 12v, 7.5 amp, What do I look for to go up a notch?
Nov 13, 2019
Where ever I park it
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Hemisphere 346RK
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HERE is the specs and installation sheet for what you have. I looks to be a 3 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) pump @ 40 psi. THIS SITE has a list of four pumps that seem to be good. Yours is second on the list and seems to be a decent pump, but you can get a higher flow (GPM) that would work also.