2019 Cornerstone Dumping issues

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Oct 4, 2020
Just picked up a new 2019, this is our sixth coach. We’ve not had this system for dumping. We are following the instructions, but nothing is happening. Said it could take up to 7 minutes before the black tank flushes because of the Macerator, but we’ve let it go much longer than that. Light is coming on, but no dice. Does anyone have any ideas?
Jul 29, 2020
with A maserator pump you still have gate valves. Are they opening the way they should? They may require you to open them manually.
Nov 2, 2019
WA, MT or somewhere else!
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Mountain Aire 4047
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2014 Honda CR-V
First, welcome to RVF @Ashjack75; glad to have you here.

As to your tank dumping issue, are you using a gravity or pump system like the Sani-Con? Sounds like the latter but I'm not sure.

My experience is with the Sani-Con system in our 2018 Newmar Mountain Aire. My procedure is to close the gray tank valve (we usually leave the gray valve open, black is closed), connect the water hose to the tank flush, open the black tank valve and switch on the Sani-Con. I let the flush water run while the pump is emptying the black tank.

It generally takes 5-6 minutes for the tank to empty and I hear the pump motor sound change. I then switch the pump off, close the black valve and let the flush water continue to run for a couple of minutes. Then, I turn off the flush water, open the black valve again and switch on the pump. It only take a few seconds for the flush water to be pumped out and I then switch off the pump and close the black valve.

Now, back to your question; is this similar to what you are doing? What part is different and how?