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3D printing fun

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RVF Administrator
Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
RV Year
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Ventana 4037
RV Length
40' 10"
Freightliner XCR
Cummins 400 HP
2017 Chevy Colorado
Anyone that's into 3D printing doing anything fun of late with your printing? I did a quick job the other day printing magnet spacers for my upcoming windshield replacement and need something to separate the magnets. I was just browsing Thingiverse and I'm going to print this contraption next. Not my design...

Another cool one:

New more efficient head?

Not familiar but after trying different stuff I learned my lesson to stay with the default. It just works.
I don't know about fun, but I sure am liking the boxes my brother-in-law made to custom fit in our medicine cabinet. No more "items may have shifted" and potential spills and leaks are limited.


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I've been designing a bracket that will hold a light for my plane. Yeah, not for my RV (with 8 wheels) but 3D printing is such a joy and opens up so many possibilities for the creative mind. I've been iterating this design and testing it with the light fixture it will be holding. The beauty is you can continue to iterate, print in plastic, then when done send it off if you don't have your own CNC machine as I do not. I'm going to try an online CNC service to create this part. You can choose your metal, finish, etc. which is cool. It isn't cheap but if you do more than one such as give or sell the part to others that want to use it you can split the costs. My degree was in Mechanical Engineering and I enjoyed CAD back in the day. Being able to do this on a home computer, print on a 3D printer, is so neat.

I know it will be hard to understand this part and how the light fixture attaches, but just an example of a tinker project.

@Neal...Impressive. Still using Fusion 360 + Prusa MK3s? I agree completely...also as an engineer (BSIE), I find it very fun, relaxing and rewarding.
Yes on Fusion 360 and MK3S+. Ordered MMU3 to replace my crappy MMU2S.
You could also do a lost wax and make it out of all that gold you've been hoarding!🤣

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