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Alaska RV Tour Groups

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Jan 27, 2022
We are looking at a possible Alaska RV trip next year and we’re considering using one of these caravan tour groups. It looks like there are about 4 major players (Fantasy, Alaska Discovery, Adventure Caravan and RV Adventure Treks)

Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with any of these tour groups and from your experience should we consider this?

Appreciate the help, Keith
We searched a few. We chose Fantasy Tours for a western tour for 33 days this year. Did the research, read a lot of reviews. Fantasy Tours is not the cheapest but they have tours all over the USA, Italy and Europe.

Good luck in your search.
Just wondering. Ive been using the RV Life Trip Wizard for 2 days routing a trip to Alaska. We are not planning on going for a couple of years yet but wanted to start planning. Hitting the big items like National Parks and the drive up the CA, OR, WA coasts. Other than having someone else do all the work and the ability to maybe meet some very nice like minded folks, what are the reasons for using a service? Not trying to be snarky, just curious as to what others are dong and why.
I took a MC trip with some of my military buddies in 2018, and had a blast. We didn't have time to stop and "smell the roses" but did 8338 miles from Denver to Anchorage and return in 27 days.
The routing that I have tentatively planned out is just the, tentative, but it is 60 days from Dallas round trip.
There is so much to see there and on the way. We are planning on going up the coastline thru Seattle and on return thru Calgary, Montana, S. Dakota seeing the sights along the way.
The trip so far is 11,000 miles and figuring on about $15,000 for the trip. Lot depends on the fuel prices.
I know that we discussed it many times when we did the trip in 2018 that three or four bikes would be comfortable but anything overt that would be a real pain.
How many are in the group? Do you know any of them?

Thanks for the information. i have not ruled out doing a tour just for the friendship but leery of it for the above reasons.
We have been planning as well. 3 of these are similarly priced. Alaska Discovery does a lot of cool things, but they come at a cool price. RV adventure treks lists some of those same things as optional add-ons. Fantasy and Adventure make no mention of them. We are scheduled for 2025. I was interested in doing our own trip, but the DW was very hesitant, so we selected RV adventure Treks. We know a couple who is going with them this summer, so hopefully they will report back we made a good choice. We based our choice on their 15 coach limit, positive reviews, slightly lower cost, and they have the most days in AK of their 3 price competitors. (Alaska Discovery spends the most days).
We tend to travel day by day. Having everything planned out and having a schedule is not what we really want. We’re getting ready to head to Alaska the 1st of June for 2 months. Only 1 real objective is to see Whittier AK., Buckner Building. My dad was the Project Manager during the early 50’s. I heard a lot of childhood stories about it.

In a previous post someone posted a route which I liked so I downloaded it. I’m going to use it as a general guideline. The best thing of this forum is reading other people’s fun travels. It gives you great ideas.


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Totally understand the free sprit day to day travel. The planning part comes in, not as a schedule but just to map out the route of things that we want to see. There is so much that this beautiful country has to offer that you can meander around for months and never have to drive very far each day.
Some of the RV parks in Alaska are not very big and not sure in the travel months how busy they would be. We could on short term boondock for a day or two but without a gen set, might be difficult. I am looking a a generator to take along. IT doesn't get very warm in Alaska based on my trip in June 2018. It was normally high 40's low 50's in the mornings and warmed up a little during the day. It was very nice riding. Plus, think about widow shades as it never gets dark.
We discussed things we wanted to see. From that, just kind of linked them together in a route that made sense without a lot of back tracking. Just to throw it out, from Watson Lake towards Fairbanks, Alaska, there is only one road in or out. You can take different routes up to Delta Junction, Fairbanks (Alaskan Highway) or a turn off that takes you straight to Anchorage.
Enjoy your trip!

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