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Battery level low

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Time to find the short!

Now for possible bad news! New means nothing, if the batteries were destroyed by over discharge.

Disconnect all loads, then use the multi meter and check for continuity (Batteries out of circuit). Alternate leads! By doing this you are looking for failed diodes, and shorts, in general. Replace each fuse one at a time, alternating leads as above, till all circuits are cleared.

A short need not be a complete failure, but will be quite obvious. Just curious, did you get sparks when you connected the new fully charged batteries?
Yes last night we took the battery cables off to clean them to make sure it was corrosion (they weren’t that bad) but when we were hooking them back up we put the cable on the negative post and it did give a little spark?
Try again! It could have been a capacitor charging. Disconnect and immediately replace the cable. If it sparks again start looking for the reason.
Btw, have you load tested the batteries. I had been wobdering why after driving all day (batteries charging at 14v) why they were only 80% charged and would seem to charge for days and never get to100%. These were relatively new good quality agms. It turns out ,even though all batteries show proper voltage at the battery, upon load testing, I found one battery completely dead under load. It got replaced under warranty.

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