MOD Battery Pack and Victron BMV 712 setup

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Nov 3, 2019
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
RV Length
39' 11"
Demco KarKaddy 460SS and VW Passat
RV ownership is a bit of an ongoing project. The larger the RV, the bigger the projects. Last year, as many of my followers are aware, a solar system was installed by an 'experienced' installer. Unfortunately, these projects do not always turn out to be without issues. Recently I replaced a failed communication cable. Note picture. And learned how to assemble communication RJ12 connectors:) This cable was strung across the RV on the transmission crossmember, melted from the exhaust pipe heat. Apparently, this route was not a good choice. The gauge that is fed data by this cable has been a problem since the installation and I have been working to determine why. This research highlighted my next project. I am moving one of the battery pack's ground strap from a common terminus to the battery side of the shunt. The Shunt provides data to the gauge from the battery packs. Apparently accurate gauge data was not a concern during installation. In order for the gauge to perform its function, measuring the movement of electricity between loads , batteries, and charging circuits, both battery ground straps must be attached to the battery side of the shunt. While this looks like an easy fix, a mistake here can cause major problems. 600 amps of 12v power is very powerful. Brings to mind the all to common phrase "Don't try this at home". Fire is my biggest worry followed by the destruction of expensive electronics and then being stuck on the road in some unfamiliar space. That said I have spent more time then I care to mention to determine the appropriate steps to relocate the ground strap. Wire size, crimp method, tools, method to transit wall, and the all-important "what am I missing?". The grounding cable must move through a basement compartment wall to reach the Shunt. (Video to follow) I'll keep you updated on my progress.🧐
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