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Question City Water Connection Problem (No Water)

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RVF Newbee
Feb 9, 2023
2016 Newmar Bay Star Sport. Seeking assistance to help resolve my problem. I am currently traveling and when connecting to city water facet at the camp site I am unable to run city water into my coach though the onboard system. I am able to fill the fresh water tank which works fine when using the water pump. However when I turn the valve Handel into the horizontal position which is suppose to run city water into the coach onboard water system (with the water pump switch turned off) I get no water. What does happen after a few minutes I get a flow of water discharged directly underneath my coach. I checked and there is no low point discharge valve cock just a rubber tube where the water runs out. I suspect the city water is refilling my fresh tank and the discharge is the overflow for the fresh water tank. I’m wondering if the valve is faulty and stuck in an open position, forcing city water into to the fresh tank. I attempted to bleed any air out of the system by opening all sinks and shower and run the water from the onboard fresh tank. Are there any other Valves that I missed or any ideas what else could block passage of city water into the onboard coach water system. . All was working prior to departing on the trip, this is day three and boon-docked until now at a campsite.
I agree, you are overfilling your fresh tank and it’s discharging the excess out the overflow. If this is happening when the fresh water fill valve handle is in the off position, either the valve is faulty, or maybe it rotated out of the normal position. Try manipulating it in several positions and see what it does.

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