Question Difference between total measurement and body measurement - for picking a cover

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Jul 13, 2021

I'm looking for some advice regarding how to pick a cover.

I recently purchased a 2021 Coleman (Dutchman) 214BH.

In looking up possible covers, I'm stumbling over 2 sets of specs.

1st set - (seems to be outer total measurements) - as shown on
- length - 25.92 ft
- width - 8ft
- height - 10.67 ft

2nd set - (seems to be the body measurements) - as shown on
- length - 23.83 ft
- width - 8ft
- height - 9.75ft

So, if I'm getting a cover - I should use the 'body' measurements from - - correct?

But, when I'm driving - I should pay attention to the total size measurements for things like "bridge clearance", etc?

Am I thinking correctly?