Double sided sticky tape

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NGC 613

RVF Supporter
Nov 6, 2020
North Carolina
RV Year
Just thought I'd through this out there for those who might not know.
I've been using this for a few years now. Clear silicone double sided washable tape.
It works really well and I have tested it with a 3lb hammer and 16oz jar of jelly . They both stayed up on the wall for weeks.
It is best used for putting pictures and decorations up on the walls, but I'm finding all kinds of use for it.
The only thing to watch for is not to use it on dry wall or painted dry wall. Painted surfaces in general should be watched out for and tested .
Stained is OK. RV walls are safe unless you use acrylic paint on your walls. It even holds small lamps in place going down the road.
It really holds a lot of things in place and yet is easy to remove. Can be washed and used again.
Here is the link in case you want to try it. There are many brands out there. This is just the one I buy. Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, 16.5FT Multipurpose Removable Traceless Mounting Adhesive Tape for Walls, Washable Reusable Strong Sticky Transparent Nano Gel Grip Tape for Paste Items, Household, 5M: Industrial & Scientific

I hope this helps somebody. I found it to be of great to use around the RV.


RVF Supporter
Feb 18, 2020
I've used it and agree it is some of the best double sided tape.