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Drone Pilots?

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I am a 'Want a Be' drone pilot. While I have a Commercial Single engine, Instrument rated pilots license, I am not sure if my Drone operation would be held to a higher standard than your basic drone pilot. With all the Drone airspace violations it takes a fair amount of thought before launch. However there are some good apps to help you decide before launch. The FAA B4UFLY app is a good source to keep you out of trouble with the Feds. The FAA always say they are here to help :)

Fired up the DJI FPV and Avata last night to get firmware updates updated, time to start flying them again. Always wanted to get more proficient with them so I can get into manual mode and have more control. Not there yet. I may have screwed up leaving the batteries on charge, FPV batteries don't seem too healthy, will run them down and then recharge and see what happens. Avata looks good.

I need to get back to the Deer Springs Drone Range to get more open area practice in :)

By the way, the new drone remote ID rules, whatever they are, are probably going to require a tether to your phone with an Internet connection prior to launch. I think my Avata has been that way. Not sure how the DJI FPV will react but will see next time I fly. Not a big deal, just a weird requirement. Big bro is watching!

P.S. NOT doing firmware updates may be a good idea to avoid this tether requirement. Should research if you're concerned, too late for me, everything is updated expect my older Mavic 2 Pro. Not sure how this could affect RVers in remote locations trying to get drone footage with no Internet.
Interested on how you avoid obstacles using the Goggles. Thinking about purchasing a FPV drone of some sort. Ideally with Starlight or Infrared camera to search for animals at night. My worry is driving into an obstacle.

The Autel lineup are nice but no FPV features. EVO Max 4T
You're looking out the "front window" of the drone with goggles, so whatever you see is in front of you. Technically you're supposed to remain within view and have a spotter at your side.

FYI - I got my part 107 certificate as it's an easy addition for anyone that has a private pilot's license (PPL). Initially I thought it would be a painful thing to get. You do a course online, it does take time and effort, and then the hardest part was getting the paperwork submitted which does require a CFI with access to the convoluted FAA system to submit it. But at least I'm a little more protected in flying someplace I shouldn't be or if I want to take drone footage where I fly my plane, legally.
Just renewed my drone certification the other day. The training and exam finished in an afternoon at a leisurely pace.
This was the first test that I found to be instructive and confidence building, rather than some word trick filled PIA.
How hard is it to become a drone pilot if you don’t have a pilots license?
If you want the Part 107 which allows you to professionally use your drone and also in areas others can't fly, check out:

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