Escapees SKP Co-Op parks

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Nov 3, 2019
RV Year
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39' 11"
Demco KarKaddy 460SS and VW Passat
When in Death Valley last month we met some Escapee members. They seemed like a fun group of folks, friendly and sociable. This got me looking into membership and found out about the number of Escapee Co-Op parks. After some reading I was not able to determine exactly how the Co-Op parks work. It appears to be a Escapee member only park on a First Come basis for nightly stays but with some members Co-Op owners in permanent residence? The parks range from rustic to fabulous, I.E. California park in the foothills between L.A. and San Diego has great mountain views, pool, main building and an outfitted metal and woodworking workshop for member's use.
Anyone a member of Escapee that can shed some light on the arrangement with the Co-Op parks and travelers?
Nov 13, 2019
Where ever I park it
RV Year
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RV Model
Hemisphere 346RK
RV Length
We (wife and I) are escapees and are at a Co-Op park (Dream Catchers). RV parks available exclusively to Escapees members but managed and maintained by individual members of the co-ops. Escapees members may purchase an SKP Co-Op membership, when available, which entitles the use of a specified lot until sold back to the cooperative.

The Rainbow parks: offer a campground section, deeded lots, lease lots, and a unique five-year-lease ERPU program you won’t find anywhere else.

ERPU is this: The renewable lease program, called Escapees Rainbow Parks Unlimited (ERPU), offers the benefits of a home-base park with freedom from some of the disadvantages of ownership.

This site has a lot of good info about their parks:

The BOLD print is copied from an Escapees website.