Alert Furrion Stove Top Leaking Propane

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RVF Supporter
Nov 15, 2019
Frostproof, Florida
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Cyclone 4006
RV Length
2021 F350 DRW
We had an odd smell in the kitchen area for over a week, or since the last leg of a trip out west. It wasn't a sewer smell or really a musty smell, just something in between.

I had posted about it on a Heartland forum and a member there suggested it could be a propane leak from my Furrion oven or stovetop. As soon as I read that I shut down both 30 pound propane bottles and within an hour there was no more smell.

This morning I pulled the stovetop. Using soapy water (after turning the propane back on) I found a hole in the metal feed line going to the stove top. The factory had ran it across a sharp metal edge of the oven mounted below. It was simply sloppy workmanship from an untrained worker who did not realize the danger of doing this. I replaced the line and ran it where it should have been ran to avoid it touching any sharp metal objects.

We will be ordering a propane detector tonight. My new fiver has one hardwired down by the kitchen floor but it never detected this leak.

Last month I discovered my ice maker on our LG residential frig was never plumbed correctly from the factory. After fixing that stupid factory mistake we now have almost too much ice. Again, the frig was plumbed and installed by an untrained worker on the assembly line. A mistake like the frig plumbing was just an inconvenience, however a mistake like the stovetop install could have been deadly.