Alert Guidance on posts to this site related to COVID-19, etc.

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Newmar Owner
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RVF Administrator
Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
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Ventana 4037
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40' 10"
2017 Chevy Colorado
Dear RVF Community,

I want to offer some guidance as to posts related to topics that are mainly about COVID-19 "theories" as have been discussed lately on this site. We all have our opinions on vaccinations and the associated government involvement, political sides, governor handling, vaccination passports, etc. While I appreciate the efforts to help educate others it's a topic that is wearing thin on many. I've had enough complaints that it is time that I ask you all to use your social media preferred outlet for those discussions and leave RV related discussions for this site. Discussions that affect RV travel, RVers, RVing, etc. and ones that are not setting up debates among members. The topics surrounding the pandemic are not a happy place for many. Coming here should be your happy place, a place to share your passions on topics related to RVing. Humor threads are welcome, that's what Patio Talk is about, it lightens up the mood, we can have some fun, that's acceptable.

While there are hard bullets in the site terms and rules (linked on the bottom of this site) there is also "acceptable use" and common sense and quite frankly, respect of fellow members. We are trying to minimize moderation on this site but when member complaints arise it's time for action and that action has come to issue guidance on these controversial topics. Some have come to share their experiences such as reaction to a vaccination, that IS fine, what is not fine is how it goes off topic and turns into an opinion battle that deviated from the original posts helpful informative warning to his/her peers.

Thank you all for helping to make this the friendliest RV community out there and for those that have reached out to me directly to let me know that something is bothering you taking away the happiness of this community for you. Also know that if there is an ignore feature on this forum'ware that you can block posts from a member you don't want to read by going to their profile and click the Ignore button after which you will no longer see their posts.

Safe travels and let's share the joy of the RV Lifestyle among great friends here.