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I'm a big fan of Harvest Hosts and highly recommend it to take advantage of free one night stays at many great destinations such as wineries, farms, golf courses. To date I've stayed at various wineries and an apple orchard, sadly the apple orchard was off season otherwise I would have loaded up on a half bathroom full of apple pies! However, I want to offer a few tips for Harvest Host destinations as they are unique and offer challenges that are not typical for RVers like going to RV campgrounds.

Harvest Hosts are off the beaten path, really really off the beaten path. They are not along truck routes, or paths that RVers typically go. As a result the roads getting to or from could cause challenges such as tree clearance or height. While most roads are okay, I went to one where the host gave me specific routing to get in due to hazards (trees). It is important that you call and speak to your host if possible, backup is email. You should also do careful study not only with the resources on the Harvest Hosts web site but also using your favorite mapping tool such as Google Maps Satellite view. If you use a GPS with RV weight and dimensions inputs it will help you get in and out more safe otherwise you need to know the weight restrictions for the route so you don't come up on a bridge that has a 5 ton limit and you're 18 tons! As you can tell these destinations require more planning than most of our destinations. They offer an amazing remote destination, often boondocking but some have electrical hookups. Several I've been too have 50A connections which is great. Make sure you know where you're going to park before you get there, how you'll get in and out safely. Also know the surface such as grass field and if it rained a lot recently. Get out and survey before parking.

Harvest Hosts is a great opportunity for us that's extremely affordable, offers great venues such as wineries and restaurants which we are all expected to give them our business in return for the favor. Just be diligent with your planning and research prior to arrival including routes, parking, and all aspects related to your RV.
Dec 27, 2019
Fredericksburg, VA
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Very good and very valid points, Neal. I’ll add that I have discovered that some of the folks you deal with can be shy of knowledge about requirements for hosting larger motorhomes. For example, not understanding that parking on a wet, soggy field may lead to wheels in mud up to their hubs. Or why level can be important. Patience helps.