Tip Kwikee Step Failures

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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
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Ventana 4037
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40' 10"
2017 Chevy Colorado
2019 seems to be the year of Kwikee step failures. A lot of failures have been reported. Mine started flaking out in January by not extending and then it extended after a stop and worked for another few months then died just prior to departure, literally, in September. I was prepared as I carried both a spare motor and spare controller and recommend everyone have a spare of each of these on board. Failures happen without warning and having to join Cirque du Soleil to get in and out of your coach is not something on my agenda.

The hardest part I had is getting the cotter pin out that Newmar installed (or Kwikee) while the steps were retracted. I had to buy extra long needle nose pliers and it was a big challenge. I now use a cotter pin that is more easily removable for future failures. You can get the motor replacement on Amazon pretty cheap, far cheaper than Newmar sells and the controller can actually be found for the best price on Home Depot as @Richpatty found. I got mine from eTrailer.

The troubleshooting manual should be in the Resources area but I invite those that have Kwikee info to add to the Resources area as needed as this situation is 100% not fun!




Stuart S

RVF Regular
Nov 2, 2019
Mine included has failed, the worm gear strip out. In my case it was a faulty controller keeping the motor energized after it was completely out.
There are other causes of failure that I have seen, here a few that you should watch out for;

Lube you’re step throughly as listed in the manual, do this at a minimum of once a year more if you are in dirt, snow or water conditions, especially for you that love to camp near the Surf. Salt is not our friend

Never let your step hit the curb. When the step is stopped while in motion it stresses the plastic drive gear

let the step come all of the way out before stepping on it, do not ride the moving step!

Did I mention to lube your step? If it squeaks while moving, this is bad!

Neal mentioned, it’s difficult to change a step motor while the step is in. And removing the carter pin is one method.
Here is another, first always take a hammer and tap on the motor while having someone else open and close the door. If this works leave the step out. At this point it’s a 10 minute job to replace the motor. USE CAUTION TO BE CLEAR OF THE STEPS TRAVEL BEFORE HITTING THE MOTOR.

If the step is still stuck in the in position here is another method to try: have some one available to hold the step from falling when the motor is released. Undo the 3 mounting bolts for the motor and use a pry bar to pry the motor down, it will disengage the drive gear and let the step move freely ?
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