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Nov 19, 2019
New Braunfels, TX
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Dutch Star 4081
RV Length
Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk
Continuing the list -

7. I saw a post from Ernie on the other forum about a Special he had ordered for the electronics cabinet in the bedroom. I sent him a PM and he provided some info regarding the changes.


The standard configuration is to put the gear in the space below the wardrobe on the right hand side with a drop down door. I didn’t care for that configuration on my 17 DS because I’m a big guy and I don’t like bending down. So if you don’t mind losing some height in the wardrobe, why not move the gear to the top of the stack?

Newmar quoted $350 for the special, but they wanted $1,000 to convert the drop-down door to a drawer. So I just ordered the top cabinet and told them to skip the drawer, just do the drop-down door.

When the coach showed up, I found they had done the drawer anyway. No extra charge. I don’t know if Newmar Engineering messed up or if they just decided to do the right thing.



8. Switch panel moved from sidewall next to main TV to the side of lower cabinet in kitchen. Much easier to access. This started on the ‘18’s.


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