MOD Peg board tool magnets

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Nov 24, 2019
I don't have pix yet, but I added two 30" tool magnet strips to my peg board wall and it is working great to keep my tools organized. I removed the peg board and added some 3/4" plywood backer strips behind the peg board to gain some vertical strength, then reinstalled the peg board. You need to be very careful with screw length and location so you don't add unwanted vent holes to your water and waste tanks. The magnet strips are stronger than the typical ones you see at the big box stores. I figured the tools would probably fall into the OEM trays when traveling, but we just went 1900 miles and all my tools were still stuck to the magnets upon arrival. It works nice to be able to see your most used tools when you open the door instead of digging in the trays or a tool box. I'll try to get pix up soon.
Nov 2, 2019
WA, MT or somewhere else!
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2014 Honda CR-V
Interesting idea! We don't use our pegboard for tools (unless you count the folding shovel and camp axe or windshield washing stuff), but if we did, I would be trying that mod.