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Sep 8, 2021
I need to know if any other bighorn owners are having the same problems I am experiencing. I own a 2018 bighorn 5th wheel and have had nothing but problems since it was new. Excessive rusting of the entire undercarriage, periodically leaking plumbing, spring shackle broke on the interstate, caulking at edge of roof drying up cracking off, awning pulling away from wall (not caused by wind), cable for tv in living room quit and can’t find the problem, fire place lights shorted out, kitchen slide has never slid out all the way (must be cranked out with wrench), refrigerator runs constantly, microwave wiring was bad and there is always water in bottom of the refrigerator. Prior to the bighorn, I owned a 2009 Everest, drug it coast to coast for 11 years and didn’t have any of these problems. I wish I would have stayed with that manufacturer. Your feed back would be great. Thank you


RVF Supporter
Nov 15, 2019
Frostproof, Florida
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Cyclone 4006
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2021 F350 DRW
Sounds like more or less typical issues that many Heartland products have John, I'm sorry to say.

Our unit is less than a year old and I have had numerous issues. The three biggest issues that demonstrate zero quality control was my LG frig's ice maker being hooked up wrong, a fantastic fan wired wrong, and the microwave/convection oven vented wrong and burning up within 3 months.

The factory has been zero help so far. They only tell me what Heartland dealers are within a 200 miles radius of where we are traveling. I did check with one large dealer a couple months ago and they were so short on help they wouldn't even estimate when they might work on my fiver. They suggested just dropping it off. That is a problem for full time traveling Florida residents like us.

We owned two Keystone Montana fivers previously. They had much better factory support but then again they have always had issues with holding tanks. We will keep fixing our issues as they occur and maybe in another year we will be trouble free.