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Rubber or metal valve stems

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RVF Regular
Oct 30, 2023
Metal or rubber valve stems for Tire Sensors? I've heard that the sensors are too heavy for rubber valve stems and everyone has to change over to metal due to the rubber failing from the weight. Would like to get Tireminder or TST brand. Any thoughts, experiences? Thanks.
what pressure are you running? IMHO anything over 80psi requires metal (Stainless Steel I always used) If 80 psi or less a short rubber stem should work, but remember to check frequently for cracking and dry rot, TST worked well for us
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Honestly, my stems are quite long. Really can't make it if there metal, actually brass. They have a rubber boot with the stem sticking out.
2 different styles, interesting, story behind it? How old are the tires?
They should be fine for 80psi if less then 6yrs old, always good to put fresh tires and stems on at 5-6 year mark regardless of wear. TST systems are not that heavy, I never had a problem with the rubber stems (edited my first post, meant to put 80 not 60 psi)
Just bought the tires end of last year. We bought our 5'ver last Sept. and replaced the Chinese bond that were on the unit with better tires.
Had rubber on the spare our Forester had.

Issue caused the spare to be put on. Rubber valve stem with TST cap sensor lasted about 400 miles before valve stem cracked.

I’d recommend metal regardless.
Just dropped my tires off to be swapped over to metal. Your one of many I've heard having the same issues with rubber. Not taking any chances. Thanks to everyone for the input!! Puts my mind at ease😁
Brass or stainless steel for bigger rigs and those with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

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