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Searching for first RV

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RVF Newbee
Feb 9, 2024
2023 Toyota Tundra 1794
Hello all,
My wife and I have started researching various couples travel trailers to purchase over the next year. We will be towing with a 2023 Toyota Tundra and think we should stay under 28 feet in total length. Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
TT #6 for us was a 2020 Flagstaff Micro Lite 22FBS. At about 24' it was a great couples camper for us and our dog. It was very open concept so if you're looking for a seperate bedroom it won't work for you. Loved it and towed great behind our 2020 Tundra 4dr Limited with Equal-i-zer hitch. It had a true queen bed, not a camper queen which is shorter, fireplace, plenty of storage for 2. Bath was small but workable. Build quality, fit & finish was very good. The under bed storage was great. If you don't have Flagstaff dealer near you look at the Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S. They're twin sister products except for interior colors and exterior decals.
Like has been said be aware of your limits and stay well within them. Do not ever "take" a salespersons word for it.
When we bought our first trailer we found a very quick fork in the road, one air conditioner or two? We live in Texas and figured out quickly we wanted two. This put us in the "50amp" category. There are 2 categories 30amp and 50amp study on this it's important.
Quality is an issue in the RV industry, you can't do enough research. That said there is a lot more chaff than wheat.

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