Toy Hauler Patio Question Lenght question

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Sep 9, 2020
Hi all, here a newbie toy hauler question.

RV parks restrict the length of the trailer. Some allow only a certain length. Is that WITH the Patio down, or without the Patio down?

If they allow 30feet, but my trailer is 32 feet with patio down, will they allow?

Another question, if people have a bug screen on the patio side, do they leave it open during the night (like a tent), or is it a must to close overnight for security.
What are the usual habits people do?
Nov 17, 2019
Prince William, VA
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Ventana 4326
RV Length
2020 Ford F-150
Length restrictions apply to your size while in transit (eg. patio stowed). They’re all about making sure you can actually navigate to your spot and fit inside it. Whether or not you’ll be able to put down your patio will depend on the specific site. Sometimes there’s a tree in the way. Sometimes a hill. Sometimes another RV.

So yes you’ll be allowed in. FWIW, no one measures your coach when you arrive.

Regarding the big screen, most RV parks are pretty safe places, but ultimately it’s your call. I don’t have one so I couldn’t provide much more on the subject.