TPMS problem

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Jun 7, 2021
Hi, I just installed a CAREUD TPMS system on my 6 tire RV (2 up front and 2 duals in the back). Unfortunately, only one tire is reading on the monitor. If you have any idea what the problem is, please advise. Thank you!
Nov 2, 2019
WA, MT or somewhere else!
RV Year
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Mountain Aire 4047
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2020 Lincoln Nautilus or 2014 Honda CR-V
I have never heard of a “CAREUD“ TPMS system, but presume it works similarly to others on the market. Obviously, you are not getting a signal from the sensor to the receiver unit.

The first thing I would check would be the batteries in the sensors. Hopefully, they are replaceable. In most cases, they are and the replacement is usually a small coin-type battery; probably a CR1632. If this TPMS has been on the shelf for a while, the batteries may be dead.

The other thing you might try is to hold the receiver unit very close to each sensor until it recognizes it. Sometimes, that can get things started.

EDIT: After a little research, it appears the sensors use a CR1225 ”button battery.” Looks like CAREUD makes primarily motorcycle TPMS units, but some for cars and RVs as well. Personally, I would return it and go with a more widely-used unit like TST or EezTire.

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