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Question Truck/Camper combinations

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RVF Newbee
Feb 26, 2021
We're looking for a camper that has cab-over sleeping, and a full enclosed bath. AND, a truck to haul it. We have NO experience with either trucks or campers but would prefer the versatility of being able to separate the two for various uses. Thus, we've abandoned the idea of a class B or C RV. Any recommendations on trucks and/or campers welcomed!
Depending on the camper you might be able to remove it from the truck, lower it, and use it at a campground. There is a guy doing just that with his camper. Make sure you have enough truck to handle whatever camper you decide on.
I have owned a truck camper for about 18 years, with 15 of them being one Northern Lite.
As Gronk stated it is important to match the Truck to the camper.
Any well equipped camper is going to be heavy.

However I will also warn against trying to dismount the camper in remote situations.
The site you choose should be stable, level and somewhat hard surface.
Campgrounds can also demand it stay on the truck.
They won't have the ability to remove it if something happens, it isn't a trailer and demands a lot more effort.
Truckcampermagazine.com provides good information. Have been looking at truck camping over 10 years never pulled the trigger since already have Winnebago C. IMHO truck camping provides the most freedom, prefer boondock vs RV parks. Chevy 3500 HD or Ford F350, both long beds, extended cab, DRW, and of course diesel. The camper would be an Arctic Fox or Lance no slides.
While many campgrounds will not allow truck campers to be removed from a truck, some of them will allow it with a Stabil Lift jack system. I do like the Stabil Lift. It's definitely different. The one we have was on the camper when we bought it and we had to buy the brackets that bolted under the truck to keep it on (pricey). We tend to not take the camper off the truck and level the camper within the truck bed.