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Sep 25, 2021
We are thinking about a 45-48 ft toy hauler. I am starting the truck research but want to hear from folks who are out there!! F350 vs F450. Which starts the dually vs single axle conversation also. Not opposed to a Ram truck either.


Just Idling Around
Mar 2, 2021
I have a 38' XLR Nitro that I pull with an older 3/4 ton Duramax. I have modified the truck some with higher capacity tires and air bags and it handles the trailer okay, but I feel there are better options. I currently have a Duramax 3500 SRW on order. My brother-in-law tows a 42' Raptor with a 3500 Duramax SRW and seems to do fine.
If I had a trailer your size, I would look to a Dodge mega cab DRW Cummins. I pick this because it is the only short bed DRW out there and having owned a crew cab long bed DRW in the past, I just don't want another one.
I have read somewhere on one of these forums that the 350 is actually better for towing than the 450, but I don't know that to be fact.


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Nov 15, 2019
Frostproof, Florida
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2021 F350 DRW
The first suggestion I will make is get the exact specs and numbers from the manufacturer yourself, no matter if it is Ford, Chevy, or Ram (or whatever they have changed their name to now).

I doubt there will be much decision on SRW or DRW if you are getting a triple axle TH. You will need to be concerned with tongue weight, or how much payload your truck can handle.

Friend of mine recently told me his story of how he came about purchasing his F350 dually for pulling his 44' TH. He was at the dealership and pretty much had the numbers worked out on a brand new F450. As they were doing the final deal the salesman overheard my friend say he wanted the F450 because he was looking for maximum payload capacity. The salesman informed my friend that the F450 actually carried less payload than some F350's due to them weighing more. Sure enough after he produced the exact specs my friends switched the deal and purchased his current F350 dually with max payload package.

The point of this long story is carefully check all the specs directly from the manufacturer yourself. Currently on new Super Duty Fords the F350 dually with the max payload package will take over 6,800 pounds in the bed. That opens it up to about any size fiver you would ever want to tow IMHO.