Tyron Multibands - Anybody Use These?

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Sep 27, 2020
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CT Coachworks
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My Toyo M154's were seven years old so I replaced them with new M154's from Motorhometires.com. Unbeknownst to me was that I had Tyron Multibands (previous owner didn't mention this) on my steer tires so when the mobile tire installer arrived with my six tires, he could not get the old tires off the steer wheels. After numerous phone calls to other tire shops someone advised us we probably had Tyron bands and needed the Tyron tool kit to remove the bands prior to removing the old tire. We ordered and received the kit from Tyron-usa.com (Florida), but were unable to remove the bands so we had to cut them off with a steel cutting wheel. The new tires are on, but I would of liked to have those Tryon bands protecting me during any blowout. If anyone has had success removing and reinstalling those Tyron bands, I would like to hear your story.

By the way, Motorhometires provided me tires with a DOT date of 0721 so I was very happy. They provided me the date of the tire prior to purchase. I couldn't get that from sellers on Amazon or other online shops. And they came to me for install. I didn't even lower the coach or pull in my slides.