Wondering if the Sunray 149 classic might be the right rv for us

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Jan 25, 2021
Hello! My name is Rob. My wife and I are retirees, new to the rv lifestyle, who are wondering if the Sunray 149 Classic might be the right rv for a couple who are interested in taking trips to various locations across the US, boondocking and not, but nowhere too rugged, or too far out of season. We will be towing with a 2018 Toyota Highlander 6 cylinder with a tow capacity of 5,000 lbs. but are looking to save as much money as possible on gas, as well as on wear and tear to the vehicle. My questions are as follows:

1. Is it a good entry level rv?
2. Does the company (Sunset Park Manufacturing) stand by their products?
3. If #1 and/or # 2 :are true, why can't I find any reviews anywhere?
4. If #1 and/or #2 aren't true, would you recommend either the Geo / E-Pro TB15, the Great Ascape ST, or perhaps something else under $20,000?
5. And finally, do you think campers of this size are simply too small, even for "weekend warriors" who'd consider boondocking at Walmart an adventure?

Thank you very much

P.S. I realize Ascapes aren't being made any longer. I was hoping to find one used.

Old Bubblehead

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Jul 10, 2021
Suffolk, VA and Roaring Gap, NC
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2019 Chevy Colorado
Welcome and good luck. Can't talk to your questions, but might recommend you rent a similar sized unit to see if the reality lives up to the expectation.

As for size, we ran out of room in a 38 footer and went bigger, but that is us.:rolleyes:

How you camp, where you camp, and what you consider comfortable are really personal questions. We each figure out what works best, and that can change over time as you find what you enjoy and what you want to avoid.

I see people happing in van's and others not so happy in the largest rigs.

Jireh Financial

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Feb 25, 2021
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I am not really a vehicle guy but the 5,000 tow limit is something to think about. When you look at towable trailers, you need to figure clothes, water, food, toys, tools, chairs, kitchen items, and a long list of other things. Anything loaded into the vehicle also cuts into that number. There is also the whole stopping question and towing up any sort of incline. The vehicle should also have a proper springs or suspension, trans cooler, round 7 wiring and a good electric brake system.
Vehicle issues can really ruin a weekend.