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Search results for query: freelander

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  1. S

    2021 Freelander Ford Chassis

    What Ford chassis is the 2021 Coachman Freelander built on? I thought it was F53.
  2. J


    Has anyone added a swivel to the driver and passenger seats ? We just purchased a 2015 21rs and was thinking that would be nice for more seating
  3. S

    Question on Winterizing 2018 Coachman Freelander

    I have a 2018 Coachman Freelander and winterizing for the first time. I’ll be using off and on through the winter so I’m hoping to avoid pumping antifreeze and simply blowing the lines. I started by draining the water heater, fresh water tank and low point drains. After water drained I closed...
  4. John&Andrea

    2021 Freelander Ford Chassis

    Freelander I believe is a class C and will likely be on an E 450 chassis. Some class C are on an E 350. The F53 is the class A chassis. I think I have this right.
  5. M

    New here from Cali

    Howdy all and thank you for accepting me, I am looking forward to tips and tricks to my RV. I have a 2016 Coachmen Freelander 21RS. Marty
  6. J

    Question Loud A/C

    I have a 2015 Freelander QB21. Do any members have any ideas about how to quiet the A/C? The system is not ducted. Any experience with a thermostat that controls both the furnance and the A/C? Ideas? Thoughts? Thanks, Jim
  7. S

    Winterizing Question 2018 Coachman Freelander 21RS

    Hello, New member here. I purchased my Freelander so my sister and I can take my elderly parents on a few trips while they are still mobile enough to get around. It’s been a great summer. They want to travel and camp through Thanksgiving and Christmas to see family. I don’t plan to take the...
  8. T

    Coleman Freelander?

    Looking at a 2016 Coachman Freelander. Second owner is selling, 32 feet with 38 k miles. Anyone with any opinion of this unit as far as quality, dependability etc?
  9. G

    I am a new member

    I want to introduce myself to you, I am Howard, my profile name is Gator8736. I have a Coachman Freelander 27Qb. I love the outdoors, Kayaking, fishing, hiking snorkeling and diving. Also, I am a huge College sports fan. I bet you can’t guess what team. I look forward to getting to know people...
  10. P

    How To Location of By Pass Valves 2015 Coachman Freelander

    I am trying to winterize my 2015 Coachmen Freelander but can't find the cold water by pass valve for my hot water heater. Any suggestions?
  11. bpaikman

    I am a new member

    Welcome from Texas! ?
  12. O

    Question First time RV owner, Coachman Freelander

    The title of the post indicates the coach is a Coachman Freelander, which is on a Ford F350 or 450, or a Chevy 4500.
  13. S

    New Member from Tennessee- Excited to Learn

    Hello, I’m a new member. I have a 2018 Coachman Freelander 21RS. I purchased the camper so I can spend some time with my parents. My sister and I plan to take them anytime they are feeling well enough to travel. So far they are loving it! They live in Bristol and I’m in Nashville, so just a few...
  14. 2021 Coachmen Freelander 21QB

    2021 Coachmen Freelander 21QB

    2456 miles on odometer, just 27 hrs on Generator, this RV sleeps 6, 3 burner stove, with microwave, large refrigerator/freezer. Qeen size bed, kitchen area makes into bed and above cab bed. Plenty of cabinet space and the lower storage is approximately 92 cu. ft. The interior color is...
  15. W

    Freelander damaged at manufacturer......what to do?

    Just told by dealer our new Coachmen Freelander is delayed because it was scratched by Coachmen. Dealer says Coachmen is waiting on parts; awning needs to be replaced and slide needs to be adjusted.....dealer stated doesn't know if slide issue is related to the minor incident. Do we wait for...
  16. M

    Fresh Water drain

    Recently bought a 2014 coachmen freelander 19cb and am unable to locate the fresh water drain. Using the pump leaves 3 to 4 gallons of water in the tank. The water tank is located under the refrigerator. We have looked in every nook and under the rv for a lever. The 4 drains located in the low...
  17. "EZ"

    Question First time RV owner, Coachman Freelander

    Ford F350 or F450 have gas or diesel engines. Which is it? Makes a big difference.
  18. M

    Question House battery

    Hello, I've been trouble shooting an issue on my 2015 Coachmen Freelander. My house battery will not charge from the chassis battery. I have checked the two buss fuses and the solenoid, they all seem to check out ok. Unenergized, the solenoid reads 12vdc across the leads. Just wondering if...
  19. Neal

    Question First time RV owner, Coachman Freelander

    @arties45 please complete your profile so we can see what type of RV you have within your profile. What engine does your Coachman Freelander have and how much oil does it take? Some of the engines such as my Cummins diesel requires a lot of oil hence the cost. It's sadly part of the "RV Lifestyle"
  20. M

    Battery charging

    My 2015 Coachmen Freelander house battery has a problem when trying to pull a charge from the chassis battery. 110v land and generator work fine. I have checked the solenoid/coil & both buss fuses and they all checked out fine. The supply coming into the solenoid from chassis and joined house...