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  1. AbdRahim

    Xantrax no batt

    Just got home from FPU. Baystar 3626. The Xantrax beeped for hours . Number 10 in the top middle of the display. On the top right it says Batt NO. Red light next to bottom button comes on then goes off. I don't think it is charging the batteries. Hate to have batteries drained before I get to...
  2. AbdRahim

    Newmar Service

    Just got a call today. Newmar Service Center is closing for two weeks, by State orders.
  3. AbdRahim

    RV Security

    What do you folks find most effective in beefing up security on your coaches; alarms, locks, cameras, etc.? I don't have a lot of internet data, so I can't use anything that needs to be connected to the internet to work. I do have a Wi-Fi Ranger. most of the electronic combination locks don't...
  4. AbdRahim

    Insulating Windshield

    The vents thread got me thinking. This year I will be transitioning from a C to an A. How other than Magne Shades do you keep the heat out of that huge windsheild in the summer and in in the cooler weather.