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  1. AbdRahim

    How far behind is Newmar in Tech and Furniture?

    My Forester did.
  2. AbdRahim

    How far behind is Newmar in Tech and Furniture?

    Yea man. Give me switches and buttons any day. I am beginning to hate computer controlled coaches etc. I can replace a switch. A tablet to turn on lights, open slides, flush toilet - to me - ridiculous and a waste of time and money. And, I am not even old.
  3. AbdRahim

    Question When to replace RV tires?

    I change them, all around, after the fifth year, no longer than 6. That is from the manufacture date.
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    air conditioning in my class C

    Depending on how hot it is it can take quite a while to cool down. I would ussually have to open the dump vent and let it blow directly until it cooled down. On really hot days, if it was not started in the mornig, it would take forever. It also, depends on what size A/C you have. Mine was...
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    Drier duct lint cleaning

    Sorry to hear of the hernia. At home, I have a long flexible wand on my vacuum, which I use to clean out the lint shoot in the drier, after I clean the screen. The screen gets cleaned after every load. This really reduces the lint that goes further in. It doesn't eliminate it altogether...
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    Xantrax no batt

    It worked fine all week. It died about 500 miles into my trip home. I found out you have to be very specific when they say they will send a replacement. Make sure they look at the component sheet for your rig and confirm the are sending the correct part. They FedEx'ed the wrong one. Oh well...
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    Insurance Information

    X2 Progressive
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    Xantrax no batt

    Xatrex says replacement is the only opyion, as a hard reset did not clear the code.
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    Xantrax no batt

    Just got home from FPU. Baystar 3626. The Xantrax beeped for hours . Number 10 in the top middle of the display. On the top right it says Batt NO. Red light next to bottom button comes on then goes off. I don't think it is charging the batteries. Hate to have batteries drained before I get to...
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    Stock Market vs. Pandemic

    I told my wife that .I should have bought Clorox at the beginning of this. Too bad I did not. Just bought MH,. So maybe next time.😄
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    Stock Market vs. Pandemic

    I would think the high end RV market won't suffer much. Those in a position to really afford a 1/2 million or million dollar coach will likely still be able to, unless they ran a business on a tight margin and could not keep it going. The lower end is where I think the damage might be. Many...
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    Tested Low Bridge Height

    @TJ&LadyDi: Very good info. Thanks. I will change the setting in my gps as well.
  14. AbdRahim

    Stock Market vs. Pandemic

    Events generally have a very temporary effect on markets. The market is cyclical, and goes through its cycles regardless of external news events. It was due for a correction (deep). It occurred and we move on. It is likely peaking again in the near future. How high?? Then it will dip again. How...
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    What is your favorite RV campground finder site or app? first, then Good Sam. The map in campground reviews is invaluable to me. I was sorry to see Good Sam drop it.
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    Tested Low Bridge Height

    I thought all interstates were required to be 13'6", minimum.
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    Sweating the fuel gauge

    Actually, from what I know of you from the forum, Neal, I suspected that, but did not want to presume.😎
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    How do you know you have the right RV?

    I think you answered. Time is the answer. I am on my way to pick up my third RV , since I started this adventure. The motorhome seemed perfect for me when I bought it. I love the floor plan and put too much money and time into making it heaven on earth for me. A few things changed since I...
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    Sweating the fuel gauge

    This is not a criticism, Neal, but I don't know why anyone would not refuel at 1/2 a tank. I know many are more organized than I, but that method has saved me on more than one occasion in my working days hen I ended up running very late (not always my fault, when dealing with customers), with...
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    Brett Davis from NIRVC on the Covid Crisis

    Marketwise there may be a serious decline, a bit lower than the last, but it will come back. Yes, many small businesses will disappear and that is sad, but the economy will recover and some would indicate that the current market pattern would have occurred even without the current crisis. Day...