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  1. S

    Question Excessive Charging from Alternator?

    I have a 2013 RoadTrek Adventurous RS, Sprinter 3500 chassis. When my house batteries stopped charging while driving, I diagnosed it to a bad battery isolator. I have dual Trojan flooded 200AH 6V batteries, connected in series, rated at a maximum charge rate of 20 amps. The cores have been...
  2. T

    Engine not turning over suspect wiring.

    Battery is a new 650 CCA charged at 12.6 was starting up last week with no issues but now won't turn over,it cranks just wont start drops down to 12.4, black wire seems frayed at connection point not the battery terminal, all connections are clean and tight .Thanks for any help.
  3. J

    Question 1998 wilderness 5th wheel

    Help! Does anybody happen to have any information on a 1998 wilderness fifth wheel? I need to find out where the motor goes for the slide out because it was taken out and I don’t know where to put it back in at. Also, does it take a house battery and if so, where?
  4. R

    House battery cutoff switch?

    Hello friends, after being out of town for a couple of months this past winter, and not realizing that while the chassis battery is being charged, the house batteries are not being charged while the RV cable is connected to 120A power, I replaced the 2 house batteries but still am not getting...
  5. R

    Battery type for inverter

    Hello, A little advice needed. I bought a modified sine wave inverter and connected it to a 12v mower battery from Lowe’s but it stopped working early on. My question is, is getting a car battery from an AutoZone and using that with my 750 watt inverter, better? Thanks for the replies
  6. B

    Question New here; looking 4 advice...

    I am new here. We will be staying in our RV over the winter. I need some advice on how to use the battery. The electric outlets inside work only when hooked up the generator. I was told need an inverter to use the battery. What inverter should I get and how do I hook it up? Where should I store...
  7. R

    What size inverter?

    I recently purchased a 2016 forest river salem 36bhbs. I recently discovered that the fridge will not run off the battery. The fridge will only run when the camper is plugged in. After some research, i discovered that i would need an inverter to allow the batteries power to be switched to...
  8. C

    2008 Montana and rv battery care

    Hi, My husband and I are new to the rv world. We bought a 2008 Montana last summer. I burned through two brand new deep cycle batteries in one summer. This year we are going to use AGM battery. We only camp on weekends. Should I be unhooking the negative wire on the battery when we leave after...
  9. C

    Need a battery expert

    We bought a new travel trailer last October, and have used it once so far. When in storage, I have shore power hooked up all the time. My thought is to keep the battery charged. Anyway, we took the trailer in for maintenance and was told the battery was unusable and would not accept a charge...