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  1. Discontinued Light Covers

    Discontinued Light Covers

    A Replacement light cover for the Road Trek series of campers and Airstream motorhomes and other older model RVs. This style of cover is apparently no longer being manufactured, although it was used in a wide variety of vehicles. From a customer, "Just so you know, this piece also fits the FMC...
  2. 1987 Fleetwood Bounder

    1987 Fleetwood Bounder

    Good condition, needs a brake line fixed and the genset needs a new starter - $4500 if anyone wants it - in Middleborough MA. Video of camper and you can reach me through email - I dont come on here to check messages.
  3. M

    2021 Discovery 44s engine issues - low RPM and quick shifts- 450HP Cummins

    Hi All, I have a deposit on this unit but it has engine issues. When I test drove it twice I drove it with the throttle to the floor most of the time. It would shift at 1200 rpm so it goes through the gears very quickly. Also, it would never down shift at all even once I eventually got to...
  4. B

    Water pump (in)accessible in 95 Southwind?

    New (to me) 1995 Southwind owner with a lot of repairs ahead. First order of business is replacing the leaking water pump and inlet filter. I've found replacement parts and they're on the way. Only (MAJOR) issue is that accessing the water pump seems impossible as it's blocked by a hefty outdoor...
  5. S

    Is it delamination?

    Hello all, new to RVing, excited to get on the road. We have a 2010 Fleetwood Bounder Diesel 36B, in between the 2 fridge vents on the drivers side slide there are small dimples. They look like dents in metal pushed from the inside, since it’s fiberglass that can’t be it. When I push on them...
  6. D

    1989 Fleetwood Southwind water pump replacement help

    Hello, Super new motor home owner here. Recently bought a 1989 Fleetwood Southwind that was suppose to be good to go but actually didnt even make it home without issues, yes I was duped. We have been told that the water pump has gone and needs replacing. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how...