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  1. T

    Is heat exhaust fridge fan doing the job?

    For some time now we have had cooling issues with our Norcold 910, last hot season we were convinced that it had reached it's life expectancy. We had purchased fridge dual cooling fans on eBay but they weren't water proof and the elements got them and they were only 90mm fans. When the weather...
  2. R

    What size inverter?

    I recently purchased a 2016 forest river salem 36bhbs. I recently discovered that the fridge will not run off the battery. The fridge will only run when the camper is plugged in. After some research, i discovered that i would need an inverter to allow the batteries power to be switched to...
  3. L

    Fridge question - Need replace cooling unit?

    I have a Norcold N8X fridge in my 2019 entegra odyssey 24b and fridge was working fine until couple days ago when we move to new place (100 miles) and it completely stopped working. the freezer is like 60 degree and cooler is 73 degree when outside is 90.. I checked manual and bunch of...
  4. T

    Help, Norcold 9182 Fridge Not cooling enough, freezer working

    Yesterday, the fridge side of the rig was in direct sunlight About 75 F outdoors but the side of the fridge surface temp was 95 F and the thermometer inside the fridge read and still reads 70 degrees F, the setting is on coolest, there are no airflow issues, the fins are moist but barely cold...
  5. C

    Convert fridge from 12v to 120v

    Trying to convert a camper fridge from 12v to 120v. No longer in the camper anymore and want to use it for a household fridge. Dometic 385133101 if someone can give me step by step instructions I would appreciate it Thanks