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  1. R

    Part’s Issue

    I’m hoping someone from Nexus RV is looking. I have my 2024 Ghost 36DS in for work. I dropped off in October. I am still waiting for parts to complete the repair. The last item is just a cable for the slide. I have called the parts department from nexus four times and left my number. I have...
  2. D

    Atwood 8531-IV-DCLP providing heat but not blowing

    The motor in our Atwood furnace went out a few days ago. I got an updated replacement motor and spent hours yesterday afternoon/evening replacing it. I felt so awesome - look at me, I can fix my furnace! As coding desk jockey, this felt great. New achievement unlocked and my wife gave me the "My...
  3. A

    30A circuit kaput, then 20A circuit also kaput. I'm next.

    Gang, It's been a while since I hollered. That's because I haven't moved my RV much at all since last year, no miles = no problems. But now that I am at a campground (Wildwood State park, Wading River NY) all the things that mighta gone wrong earlier are now going wrong. Right on schedule! So...
  4. F

    New Kit Companion owner, or at least I think it's a Kit. :)

    Hi, I'm New here. Nice to meet you all. This is my new baby, I bought her without a title. From the decals I'm guessing a Kit Companion. I was able to find several sets of numbers on the tongue under lots of layers of paint. Camper without tongue and bumper is 16'. I haven't found another to...
  5. L

    New RV'er

    We bought a 1987 Class C Ford Suncrest. Have no idea on how it works and its systems. Any tips is 100% welcomed! (For instance, whats a good affordable air conditioning unit for this year RV?) Looking forward to learning from all of you! ?
  6. L

    Class C 1987 Ford Suncrest Air conditioner??????

    Just bought an RV and have no knowledge whatsoever of how it works. It needs an air conditioner. What's a good budget friendly most affordable air conditioner for this type of RV???? Its a 27 footer. Thank you!!
  7. J

    Need a Recommendation

    We need your help. My wife and I want a travel trailer but are unsure which one to get. We’d like something with a N-S facing bed, a U-shaped dinette, 2-bunks for the kids, and 1-slide out. I’d really like to stay under 26’ and 5,000-pounds (600-lb tongue weight) if I can. We’re a family of...
  8. M

    Suggestions for solar generator

    I was hoping someone could give me good suggestions for a solar panel generator for my RV. I'm looking to spend 3 to $500. I understand that that will not run my whole RV. I'm basically looking for something to run my bedroom at night. I do not want to use my gas generator. It's really loud. But...
  9. K

    Resolved desperate about 12v power.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forums. This will be cross threaded with (weird 12v power problem by Time on 08/13/2020. I just wanted a new thread for my RV make. Im having the same exact problem except for my inside power dont come back on. I have been without inside power for about 3 weeks...
  10. U

    Please Help

    Good Afternoon All, I am in desperate need of help. I think I may have been suckered into buying an RV that does not exist. The dealership I am buying from is Mc George RV in Virginia. Here is the background: looking to purchase a Winnebago 59GL, called a week in advance to schedule a showing...
  11. M


    Caught this on another forum. Apparently Newmar has started rolling out their own Mobile techs called NewServe. Pretty great if you ask me. More deets over on IRV2
  12. M

    Help Dead Battery!

    Not sure what happened. We stepped out for the day and came back to dead chassis batteries. We’ve been connected the 30amp service for a week and a half and haven’t had any problems. Honestly I haven’t looked to see if it was charging because everything was running fine. Anyway, everything is...