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  1. B

    Connecting solar to my Lance 1985

    Hello, I just acquired a 2018 Lance 1985 and I want to add some solar panels (probably removable ones) to help keep the battery charged. I see two connections - on the top of the coach is a double male/female connector from GoPower: On the front passenger side below the battery compartment...
  2. R

    Need to replace steps

    I need to replace the steps on my 2015 Model 1995 TT. Want steps to have feet support from bottom step to ground to stabilize the steps. Any recommendations on brand and model to make this change?
  3. J

    Lance truck camper not charging

    I have a 1997 Lance truck bed camper. Model Squire 8000 10’ 9”. It randomly stopped charging. Won’t charge off of the truck batteries or hookup. I read my manual and hit all the breakers and reset buttons. Non of them are tripped. I checked all wiring and it’s fine, and grounds are all clean...
  4. S

    FYI Lance 2285 AC Btuh

    What size AC is installed in 2017 Lance 2285? Looking to buy generator to run AC and lights only. Need to know minimum wattage required.
  5. J

    Can I tow a Lance 2185 with a Tundra

    I have a 2020 Toyota Tundra (with tow package). We’re looking to get the Lance 2185. After some reading, I’m concerned about the hitch weight. I’ve read that the hitch weight should be 10-15% of the trailer weight. This one comes in at 17% (755/4,565). My other concern is that my Tundra is...