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  1. N

    RV Beginners… Need LOTS of Advice

    Hello! My husband and I (plus our 1 1/2 year old son) are heavily considering converting to full-time, stationary RV living (fifth wheel). We currently live in an overpriced, small apartment in the Pacific Northwest and we are ready to have a little more freedom with our living situation. We...
  2. RamblinFam

    Ready to roll and could use some guidance

    Hi there, It's long been a vision for me to own an RV and set off with my family on adventures near and far and we're now ready to pull the trigger and jump into the lifestyle. I've rented both class As and class Cs before and considered every possibility for what would work for us as a family...
  3. O

    FYI Noobie, starting the looking and buying process.

    Thanks for the add and thanks for the valuable information we have already gleaned from this site. We’ve been retired for just over 2 years now. Although we’ve been to most of the states, our main retirement goal is to visit them all again a little slower and from a different perspective. So...