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  1. M

    Question Buying first Travel Trailer - confirming seller's claim

    Good Evening! We're new to this site! We were out shopping for a lightly used RV today and one that we looked at, has two axles, which is okay. But we noticed on one side of the RV, the outside of both tires are wearing on them to the point they are bald. When I asked the seller why both...
  2. RamblinFam

    Ready to roll and could use some guidance

    Hi there, It's long been a vision for me to own an RV and set off with my family on adventures near and far and we're now ready to pull the trigger and jump into the lifestyle. I've rented both class As and class Cs before and considered every possibility for what would work for us as a family...
  3. E

    Question Hi! Planning RV cross country trip from New Orleans-Los Angeles

    Hello, all. My gf and I are planning a cross country road trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles. We would not like to pay for a place to sleep since that is the reason we chose to RV-it up; to avoid hotel and motel costs. We would love recommendations for free or cheap RV locations with hook ups...
  4. E

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Im new at this Forum because I just bought a property and lucky got lucky that the previous owner left me a RV but unfortunately I dont know what year/ what model it is. I just know that there are are 2 single beds inside. So please if you can give me some informations about the RV i would...
  5. MrsOlney

    New to the forum, not RVing....

    ...though if I am being completely honest, we were quite limited by our previous rig. Hi everyone! My name is Kristy and I live near beautiful Lake Tahoe (on the Nevada side). My husband and I purchased a CUTE little Jayco 145rb a couple of years ago, and never really took it out for more than...