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  1. E

    How to Access RV toilet line

    Hi All We have a 2015 Forest River Legacy 340 Class A motor home and recently replaced the toilet In doing so, we now have a small leak under the wood panel where the toilet line comes out and connects to the toilet There appears no way to remove the panel to access the toilet line. Does...
  2. J

    Cassette Toilet cleaning aids

    Hi all, When using cartridge or cassette toilet, but if you dont have access to blue, green and pink cleaning aids. They are not being sold in the Philippines, then how do you keep the toilet odorless and clean? Do you use Bio Pods to hide odor and break down waste, then soak the waste tank in...
  3. M

    Toilet Talk

    Dometic toilets come with a wooden seat painted to match but the paint is thinner than a sheet of paper and scratches very easily. So easily in fact, we scratched ours on the first day the very first time we lifted the seat. We’ve since put felt pads on the wall where the toilet lid makes...