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2001 Suncruiser brake job

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RVF Newbee
Sep 13, 2023
From my FB post to share with the forum.
RV brake problem update. The brake calipers locking up on our last trip was frustrating considering that we had just paid we two different shops to inspect, disassemble, and service them. It cost $1,600 for this including a front end alignment (no parts) and tire rotation and balancing. The shop that did the brake work told me afterwards that it might cost $6,500 for a total brake job! It’s a shame that the honest and good mechanics we have in the area don’t work on motor homes.

I guess if you need something done properly, sometimes it’s best to do it yourself. I disassembled everything last Saturday and acquired all the parts locally, finishing the job yesterday as I had to work out the schedule with my “brake bleeding helper”. Rotors were turned (no reason to replace), new brake pads, calipers, and hoses for the front. I found that the incident had damaged the wheel bearings (overheated and slight scoring) so bearings and races were also replaced. Total parts cost $562. Book labor is about 6 hours I believe (adding in the wheel bearings) although it took more gathering the tools and parts needed to do the work in the grass storage lot.

Shops get a discount on parts off of retail and free delivery. Most shops mark up over retail to cover for warranty reserve. But it seems like some shops are looking to take advantage if they think you don’t understand what is required and what things actually cost.


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