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ABS comm intermittent failure

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RVF Supporter
Oct 8, 2023
southern oklahoma
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Dutch Star 4018
RV Length
450 hp Cummins
3017 Colorado
2019 Dutch Star Freightliner 450 XCR chassis. I have had intermittent yellow cautions come up every time we have taken the coach out. Initially, the small yellow icon at the top left of the instrument cluster would blink or stay on for a few seconds. Progressively it has gotten worse with a yellow bar with an exclamation point replacing the speedometer in the center of the cluster. I am thinking either a loose sensor or a corroded connection. I intend to hook up my diesel laptop unit to see if it will help me locate the problem. Has anyone else had an issue like this.
Don't have that chassis but have had two issues with ABS sensors to date. I have found that many OBD Diagnostic tools do not locate and isolate ABS codes...but some do. If your "diesel laptop unit" does you will have no problem finding the problem. It's a blessing to know it's the "left rear sensor" or the "right front" (examples). Once you know the problem it's an easy fix (I've found). I order the sensor from Brazel's RV Performance and replace. Yours are kind of newer so it might just be so dirt on the head (etc)...but in my opinion, if I have to crawl under the coach to fix something I want it be final 😉 Guess that's the OG in me... Blessing and good luck
Mine shows up too now for at least a year now.... I don't worry about it because we try to stay out of the conditions where it may help. Plan to have FL in Gaffney look into this fall on the way to Florida.

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