Criss Crossing in China

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Hello All , i would like to introduce my blog of travelling in China by RV. This is like the final frontier of RV'ing as during my 11 years here i have only seen 2 RV + 1 campervan on the roads. It is slowly gaining popularity but still in very beginning phase. This is interesting due to some challenges and the idea of RV'ing is close to my heart. Right now only renting but maybe in the future to purchase campervan to challenge the system here even more. It is really in the grey area what is allowed.
Unfortunately due to the situation in the world now the travelling is somehow limited, we will try even to make short trips and make some blogs of what comes
Please check my blog at Motor-home China , it is purely informative web site.
I was unsure does this fit in the International camping or blog forum so i put it here.