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Fantasy Tour.... Some numbers on the trip

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RVF Supporter
Jul 18, 2021
Northeast PA
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Red 33 AA
RV Length
35 ft
2017 Jeep Sahara
Some numbers on our trip. We just finished a 42 day tour with Fantasy RV Tours of the western states. We traveled over 6000 miles on our complete tour. The tour itself started in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the last stop was in Alpine Wyoming. We left from NE PA on July 10 and returned August 22.

The tour itself was for 33 days, it took us 5 days to get there and 6 days to come back. We stayed at 11 different campgrounds on the main tour all reserved for us by Fantasy Tours. We stayed at two campgrounds, and 7 Harvest Host Sites on the way out and back. That was a total of 20 campsites for the entire trip.

We started with a full tank of diesel. We stopped 12 times for fuel and paid between $4.50 & $6.50 a gallon. Total fuel cost for the trip was $3,657.00. I have a TSD Open Roads card and got about $167.00 worth of discounts on fuel. Basically, TA Stations gave the best discounts, others none at all. Just an FYI when we stayed at Harvest Host locations, we used our generator for AC and charging batteries.

The breakdown of coaches on the trip were (14) A Class RVs, (6) 5th wheels, and (4) Travel Trailers.

To the best of my memory of the A Class there were (4) Tiffin, (4) Winnebago, (2) Thor, (1) Nexus, (2) Monaco and (1) Newmar.

The 5th wheels had a bunch of Montana’s, one Grand Design, and others. There were more than one Winnie Travel Trailers.

We had a fantastic time and saw a lot of wonderful sites. Would I do this type of tour again, definitely yes. I personally could not have planned this type of trip and hit everything we toured and participated in.

If you would like to see some pics of the trip go to, Tiffin Owners group, and then click on Where were you with your Tiffin today. Pages 2 through 7 have some pics.

If anybody has any questions on this kind of tour please don’t hesitate to ask.

Regards HH
We followed you from the sidelines, HH. It was a marvelous trip and I hope I can do a similar trip myself someday. That being said, I'll bet you're glad to be home? :)
Hi Jim: Yeah a lot has to be taken care of at home when you are gone that long. Now you just have to break in that new coach of yours and hit the road. Just go we will follow you guys also.

Staying at your own RV Park doesn't count....LOL