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FORD V10 Longevity - Thoughts from owners

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RVF Regular
Jan 24, 2023
I am curious to know the mileage many here on the board have on their V-10's. Ford produced the engine for over 20 years in many vehicles and they seem to have handled the test of time. I have owned a few F150s that reached into the high 100's.
I ask because I am curious about buying a One owner Tiffin with 70,000 miles on the clock. I will meet the owner as well as have it looked over by a NRVI with engine and transmission samples submitted. Thanks.
There are a number of issues with the V10 that are a function of maintenance, or lack thereof. Depending on the model year of the engine, some earlier issues with cam adjusters and other parts have been addressed. Also, these engines in RVs are pulling a significant amount of weight. We loaded our 2018 Canyon Star right at max weight almost every trip. We also changed engine oil every 5k miles with a quality synthetic, just to avoid issues.

Here is a good source for Ford Engine Data and repair https://www.youtube.com/user/FordTechMakuloco
I bought a 2001 Four Winds Class C that had over 100k on it as an interim coach and if the house exterior wasn’t deteriorating, I probably would have kept it. I sold it at around 130k and it was still mechanically very sound. I was the third owner, and it was a rental for its first 60k, so it probably didn’t have an easy life.

When I got it I changed all the fluids (I had no maintenance records), and did some other updates, but that V10 ran like it was new, never used oil, and I had no issues with it. I‘ve read about problems with early V10’s (late 90’s) and mine was probably a 2000 chassis, but it was trouble free. So 70k should be just fine, although a careful review of maintenance records would be helpful, and as Joe pointed out, they work harder in heavier vehicles, so there is that to consider.
My friend ran the shop that maintains the NV state vehicle fleet, 100's of V10's and millions of miles. These engines are pretty tough. Change oil and air filters often...

That said. The engine in my coach grenaded at 44k miles. It was in the El Monte RV rental fleet at that time. Threw a rod clean through the block. Tech noted multiple holes in the block and metal fragments in intake manifold which seems a bit crazy. Ford replaced it was a reman long block. I'm pretty sure this was an outlier, at least that's what I tell myself ;-)
Get the specific year of the chassis and google for V10 issues for that year. As others have said there are some year specific issues that if they haven't been addressed would need to be, but overall those engines have a good solid rep and performed well.
2020 Canyon Star on a 2019, 26,000GVWR, V-10 Ford F-53 chassis.
23,000+ miles of trouble free driving so far. Been up to 11,000+ feet of altitude, and it performed flawlessly, with good power going up, & trans-brake working well going down! Synthetic oil & filter change, every 5,000 miles. Front chassis lube, king-pins, etc. very important to do at each oil change. Proper Maintenance is key!!
Worked for a "GM" Dealer group for 40 years, my second ever "FORD" (had a cool early V-8 Bronco) product!
Very impressed thus far!!

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