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Freedom...Pushing off from the side of the pool, come on in the water is great!

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Nido Movil

RVF Newbee
Nov 8, 2021
RV Year
RV Make
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Travato 59GL
RV Length
Hello members! Greetings from the road as we drive from Brevard NC to Augusta GA. In February of this year, my partner and I flew to Iowa with 2 bicycles and picked up our Travato 59GL, the plan was to drive back to Arlington VA over 10 days to learn about our new coach and see how we like RVing. We loved it so much we extended our trip to 34 days, working from the road after our 10 days of vacation from work ran out. After 2 months back in Arlington VA making mods to the rig (we named her Nido Movil which is Mobile Nest in spanish) we hit the road again on Wander #2. We spent 111 days exploring this great country, many of those days in the pacific northwest. My daughter flew to Seattle and joined us for 2 weeks to experience van life, creating memories we will cherish forever. We worked the entire time from the road. Upon our return home in Arlington VA, it took about 2 weeks of working from the house before the itch to go again got real bad. We decided to get married, quit work, sell the house, and explore some more. Wow, what high speed purge of pretty much all of our belongings, definitely all of our debt, and leaving our jobs. We are now completely FREE. To use a metaphor from one of my life mentors, we have pushed off from the side of the pool...come on in, the water is great! A little early on the retirement front age-wise, some might say it's more of a "chuck it all" approach. It's certainly not for everyone and we do not regret it one bit. Dubbed Wander #3, we are 53 days in and chasing warm temps. We are experienced cyclists and newbie hikers. Headed to Forks Area Trail System to ride our full suspension mountain bike tandem on those sweet trails. Looking forward to meeting other members of this forum, in person and virtually. Please hit me up cyclists, hikers and every one else in between! We'd love to meet you and pick your brains (as well as share our experiences) on places to ride, hike and get really good coffee! Warm regards, Elizabeth & Russ
Welcome! Great to have you with us.
Wow, way to go guys! And welcome to RV Forums.

Welcome from Texas
Welcome from Wisconsin. Way to go!!!!!!
Welcome and congratulations! Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Florida has some really nice trails and a very nice RV park. It's in Jupiter, FL one of my favorite places. Very quiet and serene. Not far from the beach. Small town feel. Great eats.

I have never seen a tandem MTB before. That's bananas! I'll tell you if that doesn't improve a couple's communication skills with each other, nothing will.

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