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Perplexing Lighting Issue

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RVF Regular
Apr 26, 2023
Innisfil, Ontario Canada
RV Year
RV Make
Forest River
RV Model
Cherokee 39RL
RV Length
Destination Trailer
Have a perplexing issue that I'll be troubleshooting later today, but perhaps someone here can give some insight and point me in the right direction. 2018 Cherokee 39RL.
Arriving at the trailer last night all lights and ceiling fan worked fine. At some point I noticed the ceiling dome lights were flickering. I noticed it seem to be in cycle with the ceiling fan. Turned off the fan and the lights quit flickering. Turned fan back on and good at first, then flickering started again.
Woke up this morning and ceiling fan had quit, pendant lights over the island are dead, LED light strips both inside and outside are dead. Ceiling dome lights turn on but very faint, you can see them in the pic. Turn the fan switch on and the ceiling lights die. So obviously some kind of current issue. I will, of course, check the fuses, but if a fuse I wouldn't think the dome lights would come on at all. It almost seems like the switches are using the same power feed and one of them is possibly shorting? Maybe a bad ground or loose connection? I was going to start there, maybe with the fan switch? Any ideas? The switches from top to bottom are fan, next is inside and outside LED, next down is awning and slides (working, but obviously their own circuit. and bottom is ceiling domes, island pendant lights and outside door light. All other 12 volt systems/lights are fine. Finally, I didn't think the fan was 12 volt, but obviously must be?


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Check the batteries voltage! And connections.
Check the batteries voltage! And connections.
Will do Kevin, even just for fall maintenance. All other 12 volt systems working great though, all other lights, bath fan, stereo etc. Just seems to be that one bank of switches. Didn't get to it yesterday, I ended up working, so first on my list today.
Happy to report a relatively easy fix. The fan switch is wired direct, no crimps. Next down is the LED inner and outer lights. In checking the spade connectors I didn't detect any loose connections but by resetting them it fixed the issue, I think one of the common grounds was loose, likely from the sliding patio door right beside the switches banging closed. While I was at it I pulled the other switches and all looks good. As a matter of course, I also checked battery and all fuses, everything there was stellar.

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