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Propane stove downgrade

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Rob S

RVF Regular
Nov 9, 2023
Have 2021 roadtrek zion with 1 burner induction stovetop.

Don't see how we can survive very long with only one burner

Has anyone changed back to a 2-burner propane stove? What model might fit?

Any thoughts on this
There you go! Crickets.

Personally I think propane is an upgrade. Go to an RV store and ask to thumb through the parts catalog, for stoves. Be sure to have the measurements of space you are willing to give up.

I understand Neal has a portable induction top he is thinking of losing. Maybe that would fill your craving. Keep in mind going back to propane will increase inside temperatures.

I purchased a rice maker to use as a pot! Think about as many options as you can, before moving on the mod.
I prefer cooking on gas. Alternatively, I am rather fond of my Instant Pot (8qt) which I use several times a week (when I am inclined to cook). I've even cooked regular cakes, muffins, cornbread (at the same time as a batch of chili - it was so neat!) and "whomp-em on the counter" cinnamon rolls (it was an experiment which turned out surprisingly well).

I've cooked on electric as well as induction cooktops. I'm not a fan. I too think they are a downgrade. I suspect it is cheaper for manufacturers to install an electric induction cooktop instead of a gas cooktop and the accompanying LP system. While I do have a gas range now, if I ever got a rig that had an induction cooktop, I would most likely be changing it out for a gas cooktop (Amazon since I don't care for RV stores) and build an LP locker in a bay somewhere (instructions can be found on a marine website). But then I would want LP to power a small space heater in the bathroom (a small space) because sometimes you just don't want to run a generator. And I like a warm place to take a hot shower even during the summer when I wouldn't want to heat any place else in a camper.

An easy solution would be to pick up a little 2 burner portable LP stove from Walmart for under $40. Use a 1lb LP canister for fuel. Or take the time to plumb it in to a 20LB tank that you set inside an vented LP locker. Stansport 2-Burner Regulated Propane Camp Stove - Walmart.com
I don't cook inside generally. I have 3 different outside cooking devices. I installed a second quick connection to facilitate running 2 of them at once. I use a 17 inch Blackstone that I will be getting rid of for a bigger model. I have a small grill that came with the camper and a 3 burner cooktop that came with the camper. All plug into the quick connects. I still have the regulator to use 1 lb cylinders with the Blackstone.
One of these might bridge the gap while you find a permenant solution. I have one and take it with me when I expect to be cooking for more than just the two of us.

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